Two of my great passions in life are nature and photography. For me, combining the two is a spiritual practice. The energy of a nature scene first grabs me and then challenges me to capture and communicate the unseen world through the visual media, photography. Inspired by the authenticity of the natural world my creative expressions of photography, music and poetry are stimulated.

Residing in Wimberley, Texas, I am surrounded by the beautiful Texas Hill Country and most of my work has been in this Texas-sized backyard. The gentle beauty and powerful energy of the central Texas hills, mountains, lakes and rivers inspires my work, engages my spirit, and nurtures my soul.

As a photographer since 1967, my journey has been rich, eventful and diverse. I have worked with photography on different scales and dimensions, from microscopic to aerial, pinhole to stereo 3-D. Today, nature and stereo 3-D photography are my primary interests expressed both as photographer and as teacher. My stereo 3-D course at the University of Texas Informal Classes is a big hit and has introduced the fascinating world of 3-D photography to dozens of enthusiasts.

I produce archival digital prints from Fuji transparency films in a digital darkroom. Stereo 3-D images are produced in both printed and projected formats.

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